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Online Subject Registration for next new trimester will begin 2 weeks before the final examination of current trimester. Online Subject Registration schedules are arranged according to the ideal number of students per session based on students seniority. Therefore, students are divided into several groups to ensure the smooth running of Online Subject Registration event.

Student may check their group, the details of dates of their Subject Registration schedule and timetable at Online Application, MMU Web Page by end of Week 12 (Long Trimester) and Week 6 (Short Trimester). Student has been advised to check carefully their subject registrations slots and only register within the duration stipulated.

Each student is given 20 minutes to complete the subject registration, and their session will be terminated automatically if student are online more than the allowed duration. Student is only allowed to re-login if the capacity is available and advised to get ready with their subjects planning for the next trimester before logging into the system.

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