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The key functions of Examination and Records Unit are:

1. Plan and coordinate the timetabling process for all faculties and academic centres.

2. Plan and coordinate the subject registration process.

3. Execute the final examination for all programs.

4. Plan and coordinate the graduation process.

5. Update and maintain the students' records in both physical files and database.

6. Advise faculties and academic centres on the academic rules and regulations.

7. Advise students on the academic rules and regulations.

8. Enforce and ensure that all rules and regulations are carried out accordingly.

9. Coordinate and monitor all systems related to faculties, students, academic records and academic assessment.

10. Provide services to graduates on issues pertaining to convocation.

11. Assist Jabatan Pelajaran in executing the MUET Examination.

12. Plan and coordinate the room booking for all staff and students.

Thus, in ensuring quality services to be delivered to MMU students and our internal as well as external stakeholders, ERU has opted for a quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 Standards' requirements.

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