Inquire, Inspire and Innovate


To act as the authority for all examination-related functions

  • This role grants authority to ERU carry out exacutive decision and to guard all aspects of student academic matters.

To facilitate students in selecting the best means of academic services

  • The mission is to provide user-friendly environment not only during face-to-face encounter, but also electronically. Paperless environment as our main vision towards the idea of user friendliness. Student are bound to educate themselves through course registration and boundles information on the internet.

To facilitate academicians and repartments concerned during their execution of examination standard routines

  • The main idea is to create user friendliness in every aspect of ERU tasks. This unit also strives for a paperless environment.

To guide other exam-related departments in executing their esternal programmes' course registration and final examination results in time for Special Senate's endorsement

  • This role is one mode to generate income from external student's fees via systematic course registration. The departments concern shall also execute routines that are relevant to ERU functions but in a much smaller scale.

To establish the most systematic environment in the era of digital world and continually complete with other instituition of higher learning

  • This role shall determine the direction of ERU administrative goals and the probable display of future repulation.

To maintain the administrative roles with strong pursuit of excellence as prescribed by the top managemnet

  • This role describe the short term and the long term planning that ERU must follow. The functions must be synchronized towards one specific goal that is to excel and complete with adequate preparation and competative edge in terms of customer orientation.

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