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Multimedia Learning System (MMLS)

Multimedia Learning System (MMLS) is a robust, easily deployed, web-based, intelligent Learning Management System (iLMS) which supports multimedia content. Multimedia Learning System was developed due to the high demand for a sophisticated, easy-to-use, and affordable online education software platform. It promotes adaptive learning; individualized learning paths based on its extremely powerful, open standards based architecture. MMLS is able to attract the attention of the education sector as well as the business corporations to engage e-learning into their organization for a better learning and working environment altogether.

The MMLS has some profound features and conforms to International Standards. Among the key features of MMLS are:

  • Intelligent Learning Management System (iLMS)
  • Operating System independent
  • Developed using Open Source
  • SCORM compliant
  • Content management facilities
  • ASP Model
  • Communication tools (e.g, chat, SMS)
  • Calendar and schedule
  • Online testing and grading
  • Extensive student monitoring and tracking
  • Generate score card for learners
  • Administrative features
  • Helpdesk
  • Search facilities
  • Forum for asynchronous communication


MMLS has gained international recognition when it was awarded with the prestigious Asia Pacific Multimedia Super Corridor Information Technology and Telecommunications Awards (APMITTA) 2000, Asia Pacific Information Technology and Communications Awards (APICTA) 2001, Merit Award for APICTA 2003 and Smart Community International Network (SCIN) Best Practice Award 2004. The system was declared the Winner for the Best of Smart Learning Applications and Best of Education Applications respectively.

MMLS is implemented in both the campuses and it is used by all the students and academic staff. MMLS is also used by some local and international organizations.

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