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1. What are the entry qualifications for admission into Multimedia University?

  • SPM / STPM / O-level / A-level / UEC / Certificate / Recognized Diploma (by Malaysian Qualifications Agency MQA, Ministry of Higher Education, Private Higher EducationInstitution Sector) or equivalent.

2. When is the date of commencement for the next academic session?

  • The commencement of academic session is based on our intake, which is fall on MARCH, JUNE, OCTOBER/NOVEMBER.
  • Kindly refer to each Intake announcement as each intake will have different commencement dates

3. What is the method of application?

4. When is the closing date of application?

  • Kindly refer to each Intake announcement as each intake will have different closing dates

5. What are the courses offered in Multimedia University and the entry requirements as well as the approximate tuition fee for each course?

  • For information regarding entry requirement and tuitions fees, please refer to the respective Foundation, Diploma and Degree pages of this site.

6. How long does it take to complete the Foundation Level?

  • Minimum 1 year.

7. What do you mean by Beta, Gamma and Delta level?

  • Beta, Gamma and Delta Level refers to the 1st year, 2nd year and 3rd year of the degree programmes respectively. For Bachelor of Engineering, Bachelor of Accounting and Bachelor of Law, there will be an additional year, which is known as Epsilon year.

8. Where could we get information about this intake on admission matters?

Please contact 03-8312 5092/5095, Fax 03-8312 5088 (Cyberjaya campus) OR 06-252 3442/3343/3472, Fax 06-31 8255 (Melaka campus) OR e-mail us at

9. Will there be any provision of accommodation in both campuses?

  • The Student Affairs and Sports Division (STAD) of the University facilitates in the arrangement of accommodation for students. STAD can be reached at 06-252 3660 (Melaka campus) and 03-8312 5933/5934 (Cyberjaya campus).

10. Are we supposed to pay the tuition fee on the day of registration itself? If not, when?

  • No. You need to pay your tuition fees only after 2 weeks upon commencement of classes.

11. What is the mode of payment for the tuition fees?

  • MMU provides a variety of methods of payment such as money order, postal order, credit card and online payment. Payment of fees is under the discretion of the Finance Division. Please contact our Finance Division at 03- 8312 5098 / 5029 for further information.

12. How often do I need to pay the tuition fees and how much do I need to pay each time?

13. What do I need to do if I wish to change course/faculty/campus upon receiving the offer letter / before enrollment ?

  • Please write a letter of appeal to Admission Unit. The letter should be attached together with a copy of your offer letter and copies of the results/transcript. Please note that the decision on appeal is subject to the Selection Committees discretion.

14. What if I intend to do credit transfer?

  • You can only apply for credit transfer upon admission should you be eligible. This shall be dealt directly with the appointed Committee for evaluation. Briefing will be given by the Faculty during the Orientation Week.

15. What documents are required for application?

  • Certified true copy of SPM results.
  • Certified true copy of other results (if there are any)
  • Certified true copy of IC

16. Who can certify the above documents?

  • The above documents can be certified by the School Principal, Division A Government Officers or Commissioner of Oath.

Thank you so much for your time. Do contact our toll free number 1300 800 668 or for any further details.

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