Inquire, Inspire and Innovate



1) Prof. Ir. Dr. Wong Hin Yong, Dean of Faculty of Engineering (FOE)
2) Prof. Dr. Ho Chin Kuan, Dean of Faculty of Computing and Informatics (FCI)
3) Prof. Dr. Murali Raman, Dean of Faculty of Management (FOM)
4) Assoc. Prof. Dr. Neo Tse Kian, Dean of Faculty of Creative Multimedia (FCM)
5) Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alan Tan Wee Chiat, Dean of Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FET)
6) Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lau Siong Hoe, Dean of Faculty of Information Science and Technology (FIST)
7) Dr. Zauwiyah Ahmad, Dean of Faculty of Business (FOB)
8) Dr. Manique Apsara Ephranella Cooray, Dean of Faculty of Law (FOL)
9) Prof. Dr. Osman Mohamad, Dean of Graduate School of Management (GSM)
10) Assoc. Prof. Dr. Koo Ah Choo, Dean of Learning Institute for Empowerment (LiFE)
11) Dr. Charles William Leary, Acting Dean of Cinematic Arts
12) Prof. Dr. Hishamuddin Ismail, Director of Academic Development
13) Prof. Dr. Raphael Phan Chung Wei, Director of Centre for University-Industry Engagement & Alumni Relation (UNITE)
14) Prof. Dr. Wong Eng Kiong, Acting Director of Strategy & Transformation Office (STO)
15) Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lee Ching Kwang, Director of Graduate Institute of Engineering (GIE)
16) Mr. Suhaimi Sarip, Director of Centre for Diploma Programme (CDP)
17) Madam Ma Lee, Director of Cente for Teaching and Learning (CTL)
18) Madam Zakiah A. Rahman, Director of Yayasan Universiti Multimedia (YUM)
19) Madam Nur Azurah Rezo, Academic Registrar
20) Mr. Kamal Sujak, Chief Librarian


1) Prof. Dr. Mohamad Yusoff Alias, Dean of Institute for Postgraduate Studies (IPS)
2) Prof. Dr. Hairul Azhar Abdul Rashid, Director of Research Management Centre (RMC)
3) Prof. Dr. Mohd. Ridzuan Mokhtar, Director of Collaborative Research and Innovation Centre (CRIC)
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