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Prof. RasatBismillahirrahmanirrahim, Assalamu’alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and Warmest Greetings to everyone.

Welcome to the official website of Multimedia University (MMU)!

It is our utmost intention to keep the society updated on the latest development in higher education, especially in MMU. We are so committed to bring together talents, inspiring quality students through engagements of innovative academic programmes and research. Besides producing highly employable graduates, let MMU be also acknowledged for having exceptional faith in keeping good in touch with collaborative partners as well as its alumni.

In 2012, for the first time in its sixteen years of inception, MMU has welcomed a new Chancellor. This reception came about almost at the same time after the launch of MMU 2.0 Transformation Plan. In gaining global recognition, one of the key roles shared by MMU members is to merge as a concrete platform that networks the University to the community preferred education needs. As well as to meet the industry’s preferences, MMU is innovating the niche programs to realise as a top academy of excellence. Graduate School of Management as well as Graduate Institute of Engineering were established, and a new programme in Cinematic Arts was also introduced last year.

The University is making major upgrades in many aspects. Multimedia University is blessed with highly committed workforce and most promising graduates, has been bestowed with numerous top accreditations. In 2012, MMU was awarded the Export Excellence Award (Services) Category II from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI). It is a quick extension of recognition after receiving Brand Excellence Award (Services Professional) from the same prestigious Industry Excellence Award (IEA) in the previous year. To date, MMU has earned three awards by IEA. The first one was the Industry Excellence Award 2004 - Export Excellence Award in Education.

According to the QS Asian University Rankings 2012, Multimedia University is the sole Malaysian private university to be ranked among the top 200 in Asia. In November 2012, the Minister of Higher Education (MOHE) announced that MMU retained its Tier-5 (Excellent) SETARA rating. It has also achieved Tier-5 (Excellent) for D-SETARA (Engineering Discipline) rating.

MMU comprises of staff and students from all continents who together strive toward their ambitions and the necessity of higher education. I am really contented to see thousands of graduates who have achieved scholastic success with MMU. I am also grateful to all staff who have been really committed and have contributed significantly towards making MMU as an industry preferred university. Based on MOHE Tracer Study for 2012, 79% of MMU graduates secured employment within four months after graduation, and more than 90% (after six months); 86.5% are working in multinational companies and private sector while 7% has started their own venture.

As we leaf through this website, imagine that one is a competitor that wants to survive in the success category. Now, you can discover the fine selections of programmes MMU has to offer, learn the ongoing activities that can keep you captivatingly occupied, make interactions with the university alumni, and even come across golden opportunities to join some of the best professional recruiters.

I sincerely welcome all of you to share your constructive suggestions for the continuous progress of MMU, and I also wish all good things to accompany your wonderful endeavour.

Thank you.

Prof. Dato Dr. Muhamad Rasat Muhamad
President, Multimedia University

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