Flash Deal 4:4

  1. The deal is ONLY VALID and rewarded to any new Malaysian who enrols in MMU April 2022 intake, ONLY for MMU Engineering, Bio-informatics, Cinematic Arts or Communication programmes of any level.
  2. All new students that are being offer MUST accept MMU offer on 4rd April 2022.
  3. The reward is only for the first 50 students who completed the acceptance process (as per clause 1 & 2).
  4. This reward is also VALID for student who are already being introduced by any of MMU Recruitment Agencies.
  5. E-voucher worth RM100.00 will be rewarded to each eligible student, 1 (one) month after class commencement of the April 2022 intake. Reward recipients will be notified either by sms, email or WhatsApp.
  6. Decision to reward is at the sole discretion of the University.
  7. For further enquiries, please email to maizan.mahat@mmu.edu.my