MMU 3H-Series Online Workshop

Dear Parents,


The MMU 3H-Series Online Workshop is an initiative designed with care to nurture the traits we believe needed to future proof the younger generation. The 3H traits, namely Hacker, Hustler, Hipster were first coined by the renowned Rei Inamoto in describing the three types of people needed for a company to succeed. In essence, the Hacker refers to the person with high technical skills while the Hustler refers to the person who has what it takes to communicate convincingly in getting what he or she wants. The third H, the Hipster refers to the one with the flair for great taste in almost about everything. We believe, it is important that a child is systematically exposed to the activities that could nurture the 3H traits. At the same time, we understand each child is unique and has a certain natural tendency towards a particular trait. Therefore, the MMU 3H-Series Online Workshop offers a myriad of selection carefully crafted to provide the best for your child to experience the various exciting activities. We hope, these activities will be able to ignite the 3H interest and potential in your child.

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We look forward to having your child in our June’s online workshop.

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Much love for the future generation,

Ts. Natalya Dato’ Shamsuar
MMU 3H-Series Initiative Champion
Multimedia University