MMU 3H-Series: Learn Python

About Python

Python is currently the most popular programming language. It has been used in various fields that range from web application, artificial intelligence (AI) and computer games. Two of the most in demand jobs nowadays are AI and Game engineer. AI engineers build intelligent products such as drones, robots and smart watches. Game engineers design hardware and software that helps users play a realistic game. Such games are not just for fun but have also been used to help patients recover from stroke and depression. Advance games nowadays make use of virtual and augmented reality. This contributes towards the huge growth of the gaming industry.

In these three workshops, students will have fun learning how to write Python programs for artificial intelligence applications and creating simple games. The first session will equip the student with basic Python programming knowledge. In the second workshops, students will be exposed to the exciting field of AI with some hands-on programming activities. Lastly in the third workshop, students will learn to use the Pygame library to quickly build a simple graphical game. Upon completion of each workshop, students will be given an achievement certificate that they can share on Facebook and other social media platforms. Come join us in these exciting workshops and be in demand.

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