A group of 35 enthusiastic Diploma in Accounting students from Faculty of Business, embarked on an educational field trip to the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) headquarters in Cyberjaya on 16 May 2024. Accompanied by four dedicated lecturers, the students were given an insightful presentation about MDEC’s pivotal role in spearheading Malaysia’s digital transformation. 

 During the visit, the students learned about MDEC’s initiatives and programs designed to drive digital adoption and innovation across various sectors in Malaysia. The engaging talk provided valuable insights into the current trends and future opportunities within the digital economy, aligning with the students’ academic and professional interests. 

As a token of appreciation, each student received a souvenir bag from MDEC, marking the visit as both an informative and memorable experience. The field trip concluded with a renewed enthusiasm among the students to explore the digital landscape and contribute to Malaysia’s growing digital economy.