A total of 41 Master of Business Administration (MBA) students from the Firebird Institute of Research in Management, India partook in two industrial talks organised by the Faculty of Business (FOB). The invited speakers were Mr. Jackie Foo, our esteemed Permata Dunia, currently serving as an internal auditor in the Malaysian palm oil industry. Mr. Foo was awarded the Best MBA Student during the award convocation ceremony last year. During the talk, Mr. Foo not only shared his remarkable journey from MMU Melaka to his current professional endeavours but also inspired students with invaluable advice on achieving work-life balance, setting priorities, and striving towards personal goals.

While, the second talk welcomed a distinguished guest lecturer, Ms. Kateřina Mazancová, an academic with a master’s degree in finance and accounting from the University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic. Currently pursuing her PhD at the same institution, Ms. Mazancová shared her expertise in agricultural economics, drawing intriguing parallels between Malaysia and the Czech Republic. Overall, both talks provided valuable learning opportunities for MBA students, offering them insights into diverse industries and perspectives, and enriching their academic experience at MMU.