Professor Dr. Chandrakantan Subramaniam, the Program External Examiner for the BBA (Hons) Human Resource Management at the Faculty of Business (FOB), recently led an assessment of the BBA (Hons) Human Resource Management. The objective was to appraise the academic curriculum, faculty, and educational resources, ensuring alignment with industry standards for the BBA (Hons) Human Resource Management. 

The event kicked off with a warm welcome from Dr. Siti Zakiah, the Dean of the Faculty of Business (FOB) and proceeded with a detailed progress report presentation by Dr. Cheah Chew Sze, the Department Head of BBA (Hons) Human Resource Management. 

Professor Dr. Chandrakantan Subramaniam was also invited to give a talk on “Future Outlook of Higher Education”. The talk centered around the transformative influence of several factors in shaping the landscape of higher education. The event highlighted the need for educational institutions to adapt to the evolving technological advancements and prepare students for the challenges and opportunities presented by AI. Professor Dr. Chandrakantan also shed light on “Environment,” “Social” and “Governance” (ESG), one of the buzzwords of the year 2023. What does that really mean and what are the implications of ESG in Malaysia. 

During the evaluation visit, Professor Dr. Chandrakantan Subramaniam conducted a comprehensive campus tour and observed classes. Additionally, Professor Dr. Chandrakantan engaged in interviews with both staff and students and assessed the BBA Human Resource Management. Dr. Cheah Chew Sze delivered the closing remark at the end of the External Examiner visit, during which Professor Dr. Chandrakantan Subramaniam provided constructive feedback for the program in the exit meeting. 

Professor Dr. Chandrakantan Subramaniam, currently a Professor with the School of Business Management College of Business Universiti Utara Malaysia and Director, Centre for University-Industry Collaboration at Universiti Utara Malaysia extensive work experience and in-depth knowledge of the industry are expected to provide valuable insights for enhancing the BBA Human Resource Management program.