On 29 September 2023, MESRA Club organised a practical training session under the guidance of Dr. Afandi Yusof. The session focused on harnessing ChatGPT, an advanced artificial intelligence tool, to streamline MMU’s daily operations. Dr. Afandi, a respected expert, shared insights that benefited 71 participants from various faculties. This diverse turnout showcased MMU’s commitment to technological progress and its members’ eagerness to embrace AI integration. 

Dr. Afandi’s guidance not only deepened understanding of AI procedures but also emphasised ChatGPT’s practicality in enhancing efficiency and lightening workloads. This initiative marks a significant stride for MMU, offering enlightenment on AI intricacies and highlighting ChatGPT’s tangible benefits for everyday tasks. By empowering MMU staff with these skills, the session equips them to navigate technology more adeptly, ultimately ensuring quicker and more effective task completion.