On 12 September 2023, Yayasan Universiti Multimedia (YUM) hosted a fundraising event, the Wayang Kulit Charity Show. The event was also graced by the presence of Dato’ Seri Utama Mukhriz Mahathir, together with Prof. Dato’ Dr. Mazliham Mohd Su’ud, President of MMU, at the MMU Cinema, Cyberjaya campus. 

The show featured Kepten PSSTLDM (B) Dato’ Prof. Emeritus Dr. Hashim Yaacob, former Vice Chancellor of Universiti Malaya, as “Tuk Dalang,” and Mr. Halim Yazid as the lead musician. The Wayang Kulit show narrated an interesting story titled “A Story of a Merdeka Boy: Sweet and Bitter Memory” to the audience, who enjoyed the event and contributed to the noble cause. The organiser would like to thank those who supported the event and made it a success!