Dr. Ridzwan Bakar, a lecturer at FOM, played a significant role at the 11th Global Waqf Conference (GWC) held in Turkey. He was appointed as a Scientific Committee Member for this prestigious annual event, which brought together leaders, policymakers, scholars, and researchers from 26 countries.

The main goal of the conference was to discuss various important issues related to waqf (Islamic endowment), philanthropy, and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The event took place from 7-9 September 2023, at Ibn Khaldun University and Istanbul Sabahatin Zaim University (IZU) and was inaugurated by a senior advisor to the President of Turkey.

Dr. Ridzwan presented three papers during the conference. One focused on proposed public policy for waqf healthcare in Malaysia, while the other two were academic papers. These papers sparked lively discussions among scholars and practitioners in attendance. In total, more than 50 papers were presented, addressing various critical issues in the field.

This event was unique because it provided a platform for experts and professionals to share their knowledge and ideas on waqf and philanthropy at an international level. It allowed for the establishment of valuable global networks.

Dr. Ridzwan Bakar’s active participation and contributions at the conference showcased MMU’s expertise on the global stage. His involvement, along with that of other academics and practitioners, helped advance the understanding and promotion of waqf and philanthropy-related matters.