The Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FET) Alumni Committee organised a physical sharing session on 13 September 2023. The invited speaker was Mr. Chong Jor Shen, who is a FET alumnus who graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons.) Electronics majoring in Robotics and Automation in 2019. Mr. Chong is currently working as the Senior Manufacturing Test Product Engineer in the A/T Product Engineering (ATPE) Department at Texas Instruments Electronics Malaysia (TIEM), Melaka.

Mr. Chong Jor Shen’s sharing session was incredibly insightful and inspiring for the participants. His experience in the semiconductor manufacturing industry, coupled with his journey from being an alumnus to a Senior Manufacturing Test Product Engineer, provided insightful information to the current engineering student. His emphasis on skill development and ethical approach is crucial advice for any aspiring young engineering student. Furthermore, Mr. Chong’s enthusiasm in responding to the students’ questions shows his dedication to helping his fellow juniors be successful on the engineering pathway.

It was a heartwarming sharing session where Mr. Chong also shared the great time he had when he actively participated in the Robotics Club activities during his university years. Overall, this sharing session has provided a great opportunity for the engineering students to gain valuable knowledge and motivation to shape their future careers in engineering fields.