On 6 September 2023, Ms. Geeta Krishnasamy, with assistance from Mr. Terence Tan Gek Siang, delivered a mental health talk titled “Definitive Tools for Handling Stress.” Approximately 65 undergraduate students from the Faculty of Business (FOB) attended the event.

The discussion began by exploring neuroscience, where various brainwave patterns were explained. Students were taught practical techniques to calm their minds and achieve desired outcomes. Ms. Krishnasamy discussed hypnotherapy as a method for relaxation and focused concentration, leading to the alpha brainwave state. This state is beneficial for enhancing well-being and fostering positive change through positive affirmations.

Additionally, the students were introduced to Emotion Replacement Therapy (ERT), an advanced form of neurotherapy that operates similarly to reprogramming a computer. In an interactive session, students voted to eliminate stress and cultivate focused confidence using ERT. As a result, they gained a fresh perspective on how their minds play a crucial role in achieving academic and life goals.

As a result, students departed from the session with a newfound sense of empowerment, armed with practical tools and a deeper understanding of how to maintain a serene and composed state of mind, which will contribute to their overall well-being and success in both academia and life.