Lim Min Ying, a student from the Faculty of Engineering (FOE), was selected as a Malaysian representative out of 2000+ applicants to volunteer in the eMpowering Youth Across Asean (EYAA) Cohort 3 from 23 July to 11 August 2023

EYAA is a programme that aspires to lead the charge for sustained and positive impacts in communities that Maybank operates in through a strategic partnership with the ASEAN Foundation. Launched in 2018, the programme engages talented youth aged 19 to 35 across the ten ASEAN Member States to develop and implement community projects that will deliver tangible long-term social and economic impact in selected community sites. A total of 120 ASEAN Youth Volunteers took part in the EYAA Cohort 3. 

Min was appointed to Project Tenun in Belu, working closely with 9 other Youth Volunteers from 9 ASEAN countries under the management of the Civil Social Organisation, Insan Bumi Mandiri. This project aims to empower 30 women weavers in Belu, Indonesia to be economically stronger by producing innovative, high-quality Tenun fabrics. A series of capacity-building programmes related to Tenun production, including workshops about the arts, social media and English literacy were conducted during the project period. They were also welcomed by the Regent of the Regional National Craft Council of Belu, Dr. Agustinus Taolin.

Besides the workshops, Min was actively involved in the cultural understanding of the local community, including a visit to SMK Kusuma Belu, Duarato, Fulan Fehan, and Atapupu where she interacted extensively with the locals to learn about their traditions and challenges. Min was also invited as a guest speaker in an airing session with the local Radio FM station to share her insights into Youth empowerment across ASEAN. Overall, this EYAA experience has enriched Min’s journey as a changemaker who will continually strive for a positive impact in her community when she returns to Malaysia. 


Well done, Min!