On 18 August 2023, Dr. Afandi Yusof, the Deputy Dean for Student Experience and Alumni in the Faculty of Business, was cordially invited to deliver a presentation entitled ‘Managing Your Postgraduate Supervisors’. The session was meticulously orchestrated by the Institute for Postgraduate Studies (IPS). 

This insightful presentation garnered attendance from a diverse array of MMU students and international participants hailing from various corners of the globe. Throughout the session, Dr. Afandi adeptly elucidated the distinct perspectives held by postgraduate supervisors regarding their expectations from their respective students. He also expounded upon the indispensable preparations that postgraduate scholars should undertake prior to engaging with their designated supervisors.

A plethora of inquiries were proffered by both local and international attendees during the course of the session, providing a platform for the exchange of viewpoints on effectively managing the expectations of supervisors. This discourse aspires to shed new illumination upon postgraduate students, imparting a nuanced comprehension of the expectations held by their supervisors. Such insight is anticipated to facilitate an expedited progression through their postgraduate studies.