A team that consisted of three MMU students namely Dashania Elvira Gregory from the Faculty of Business (FOB), Yogha Ruepini Kanagalingam from the Faculty of Law (FOL), Shambhavi Jeevananthan FOL and Nian Wan Tan from IMU- Pharmacy achieved a remarkable feat in the Nyawa Mental Health Case Public Policy Competition, recently. They were selected as one of the Top 10 groups out of 50 teams for the finals. The team earned the privilege to attend the highly anticipated #MHPCC2023 workshop organised by Nyawa (Mental Health Aid Association). Throughout the workshop, the team has had the extraordinary opportunity to learn from esteemed experts and influential changemakers in the field of mental health policy.

The list of renowned speakers includes YB Syed Saddiq, a Member of Parliament and an alumnus of the prestigious Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy National University of Singapore; Dr Shermaine Sim, Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Consultant at Unicef Malaysia; Dr Nurashikin Ibrahim, Consultant Public Health Physician at the National Center of Excellence For Mental Health, Ministry of Health; Miss Nelleita Omar, Former Policy Advisor and Speechwriter to the Prime Minister of Malaysia; and Dr Ryan, Program Director at Pusat Komas.

The knowledge and insights gained from these experts have been truly transformative for the team. Engaging with like-minded individuals and collaborating with talented peers from diverse backgrounds has further fueled their motivation to create a lasting impact on mental health in Malaysia. The opportunity to exchange ideas and perspectives with fellow participants has broadened their understanding of the challenges faced by the community and has ignited their creativity in developing innovative policy solutions.

As they progress in the competition, Dashania, Nian Wan Tan, Yogha Ruepini, and Shambhavi are well-prepared to rise to the challenge and present groundbreaking policy proposals. Their dedication, enthusiasm, and determination to improve mental health policies in Malaysia are unwavering. Let us extend warmest wishes to Dashania Elvira Gregory, Nian Wan Tan, Yogha Ruepini Kanagalingam, and Shambhavi Jeevananthan as they embark on this exciting journey in the finals of the Nyawa Mental Health Case Public Policy Competition on 12 August 2023. May they continue to excel, inspire, and make a lasting impact in the field of mental health policy in Malaysia.

All the best!