On 18 July 2023, a delegation of six academic members from the Faculty of Business (FOB) made a visit to Sekolah Tun Fatimah (STF) in Johor. Dr. Siti Zakiah Melatu Samsi, FOB dean led the delegation and they were warmly received by Ustazah Nur Haniza Abdullah, one of the Senior School Assistants at STF, along with several counselors and teachers.

The visit aimed to explore potential collaborations between the two institutions and foster mutual growth. The representatives from FOB and STF discussed various areas of cooperation, aiming to forge beneficial partnerships. The focus was on MMU’s Program Sekolah Angkat 2023, which demonstrates the university’s commitment to supporting neighboring communities and extending a helping hand to ensure collective development. As part of the visit, the FOB delegates were given the opportunity to tour the digital library and digital hub at STF, witnessing the school’s progressive approach to educational technology and resources.

The initiative serves as an important step in MMU’s aspiration to positively impact the community and contribute to the advancement of education in the region. By fostering collaborative efforts with schools like STF, both institutions focus to create a meaningful and lasting impact that benefits students, faculty, and the community as a whole.