A sharing session was organised by the Faculty of Business for the current MBA students, recently. The session was conducted by three Permata Dunia who shared their experiences and insights from the industry.

The first speaker, Ms. Chen Ling Hong graduated with a BBA (Hons.) International Business programme,  is the Senior Regional Talent Acquisition Specialist at Deloitte Consulting SEA explained the campus recruitment, employer branding strategies, and talent management. She also shared her knowledge of current recruitment trends, AI recruitment, and her experiences working in various industries and regions.

The second speaker, Ms. Nachiyamal Samuhum, who is currently an Analyst at Lazada Group Malaysia in Account Operations (Electronics), is also an MMU MBA and BBA alumni. Previously, she worked as an Associate in Operations (Merchant Operations) at Shopee Mobile Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. She expounded on the e-commerce trends with the audience.

Last but not least, the sharing session was delivered by Ms. Krista Kaur, who works as a Care and Success Management Assistant under the Customer Experience Division at Swift, a financial tech company, and is also an MMU MBA and BBA alumni. She shared her diverse working experience in various industries and offered motivation to the current MBA students in their job search.

The students received valuable advice on the current transformation in the industrial sector, new trends in recruitment, and overall operations in e-commerce businesses. The session left the students with fresh insights that will surely benefit their professional lives.