The process of creating media is a deeply rewarding activity. Between painting, creating short films, writing and other mediums, we draw upon vivid imagery and encapsulate complex thoughts and emotions in a digestible format.

However, creative multimedia should not be mistaken for a frivolous pastime. There is abundant talent in Malaysia for creative multimedia, in an industry that is considered lucrative and in demand.

Malaysian actress Michelle Yeoh who was recently awarded a Global Globe award for her leading role in Everything Everywhere All at Once is living proof of the nation’s potential for the creative arts and multimedia.

Multimedia is also an essential part of advertising and branding, used to reach and retain audiences while maintaining a captivating brand identity. In 2021, a substantial RM5.93 billion was spent in the Malaysian advertising field.

Multimedia University (MMU), one of the best Malaysian universities in multimedia, aims to harness this budding talent and nurture the next generation of creatives by equipping them with the skills and expertise to excel in the digital age of marketing.

What exactly is multimedia?

The five senses of the human body (sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell) do not exist in isolation but collaborate to better understand our surroundings.

In a similar vein, multimedia is a form of communication that combines multiple content mediums (text, images, audio, and videos) and forms them into a single cohesive presentation. 

MMU offers a wide range of courses that familiarises students with multimedia tools as well as hone their creativity in bringing their imagination to life. 

Depending on your choice of enrollment, you can expect to find enticing opportunities in the following industries:

EntertainmentCaptivate the masses with content

Entertainment has been a core aspect of the human experience since the dawn of civilisation and can be seen as a capsule of a society’s culture in many ways. People of the ancient past found enjoyment in watching athletic competitions like the Olympics, a tradition that has endured to the present day.

In the modern day, Malaysia is no stranger to the entertainment industry. The local film and animation industries have shown great promise with intellectual properties (IPs) such as Upin & Ipin and BoBoiBoy, and are estimated to amount to US$298.2 million (RM 1.26 billion) in 2022. Furthermore, this value is expected to reach upwards of US$519.6 million (RM 2.21 billion) by 2028.

With the dawn of streaming services such as YouTube and Netflix, technology is likely to play an integral role in shaping entertainment over the coming decades. 

MMU offers programmes such as Bachelor of Multimedia (Hons.) Advertising Design and Bachelor of Multimedia (Hons) Animation to familiarise students with state-of-the-art multimedia technology and fosters expertise in relevant and valued skills for the modern digital age. 

Take a first step into creative multimedia with one of Malaysia’s best multimedia universities

With multiple recognitions, expertise and experience as a private university, it is MMU’s goal to provide a holistic environment for its multimedia graduates to hone their media skills alongside their creative minds- sharing knowledge that will empower graduates to excel in the creative and marketing industries.

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