On 17 May 2023, a collaborative event between the Selangor Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority (FAMA) and Entrepreneurship Development Centre (EDC) was held at Dewan Tun Canselor, Cyberjaya campus. The event was called “New Breed Marketing Entrepreneur”, where the participants were exposed to entrepreneurial knowledge with digital marketing methods as well as listening to sharing sessions by successful entrepreneurs. 

MMU President, Prof. Dato’ Dr. Mazliham Mohd Su’ud had the opportunity to visit each stall and was briefed on a variety of local products. MMU through its eCadet initiative helps the students to discover their entrepreneurial skills by actively engaging the students with the companies’ founders as mentors. As FAMA produces and nurtures many local entrepreneurs, it gives an avenue for MMU students to learn more through this strategic partnership. 

Also attending the event were Mdm Aiada Abdul Rashid, Selangor State FAMA Director;  Prof. Dr. Wong Eng Kiong, Vice President of Student Experience, Entrepreneurship and Development (VP SEED); Dr. Ong Jeen Wei, Director of Alumni Engagement, Entrepreneurship and Career Development (ACE) and FAMA as well as MMU representatives.