On 9 May 2023, the Faculty of Business (FOB) organised an industrial talk entitled “A Trainer’s Journey in the Industry” at the Melaka campus. The event was organised by BBA (HRM) students who are currently undertaking BTD3024 Training and Development subject, handled by Dr. Kavitha Raman. Dr. Afandi Yusof, Deputy Dean for Student Experience and Alumni of FOB graced and officiated the session which was attended by nearly 50 students. Among other attendees were Dr. Cheah Chew Sze, Head of Department of HRM Unit, and other academic staff.  

The session was conducted by Ms Leelavathi Subramaniam, and Ms Ananthy Sankaran and they shared their experiences as corporate trainers. The students obtained insightful knowledge and tips on the qualities, job content, skill requirements, and future development as a trainer. The speaker also emphasised on some practical work skills and experience including how to design training courses, how to conduct training evaluations, how to interact effectively with the trainees and others. All in all, the students gained relevant knowledge through this inspiring and engaging session.