A group of MMU students consisting of Lashvini Velao from the Faculty of Business (FOB), Clarice Lee Kah Yee from the Faculty of Law (FOL) and Sarveishini Ravichander (FOB), continues to serve the community by raising public awareness through an event called PANGOLINGO on 10 March 2023 in Melaka. The team emerged as champion at the ACTiON Competition on the wildlife beneficiary last year.

PANGOLINGO which stands for “Pangolin Bingo”, is a game that was created to help raise awareness of the trafficking of pangolins as well as to inspire young people to save this animal. This event was also supported by MMU Animals and Pets Society. On top of that, the MMU team is currently working on a research paper on pangolins.

During the competition in 2022, the Pangaroes Foundation was established, and it has been providing a few activities including launching a donation drive for pangolins. The MMU team managed to collect over RM400 and they received a certificate of appreciation from Danau Girang Field Centre. All in all, the event was a success and the team aims to create more awareness programme in the future.