A group of students from the Faculty of Business (FOB) took part in the Malaysian Youth Finance Series (MYFS) 2023 recently. The event was organised by Finance Literacy for Youths (FLY) at the Faculty of Business and Economics, University Malaya (UM). The students who are also Business Society members gained insightful knowledge from a talk session with the theme entitled “Future of Finance: Sustainability and Crisis Management”. 

Among the speakers were Mr. Jawahar Ali Ameer Ali, the Consumer & Investor Office, Securities Commission Malaysia; Mr. Airil Razali, Founder and CEO of Tymba Education and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohd Edil Abd Sukor, academic staff from UM. The participants also had the opportunity to participate in a case study competition, which it helped to stimulate critical thinking skills and apply knowledge gained from present situations in Malaysia. 

The case study competition was evaluated by knowledgeable judges from EMIR Research and UM, where the participants received constructive feedback. In a nutshell, the programme helped the participants to improve their financial literacy skills to supplement their knowledge in the finance world.