MMU Melaka campus held an appreciation lunch at Persada Permata Dunia on 8 March 2023 to celebrate MMU Melaka campus’ recent achievement as the winner of Pertandingan Kebersihan dan Keceriaan Peringkat Negeri Melaka 2022 (IPT Category).

It was also to acknowledge the contribution of support staff who accommodated the previous collaborative events with the Department of State Education (JPN) and Melaka State Education Trust Fund (TAPEM), bringing pride and recognition to the university. 

Prof. Dato’ Dr. Mazliham Mohd Su’ud, President of MMU, also attended the event and congratulated the staff for their fullest support in the university’s development. Other event attendees included Dr. Mohd Rizal Abdul Razak, Director of Melaka campus, Dr. Syed Sham Syed Ja’afar, General Manager of Support Services, and other MMU officers.