On 17 January 2023, a group of students from the Faculty of Management (FOM) made a visit to TM R&D in Cyberjaya. Led by Assoc. Prof. Ts Dr. Magiswary Dorasamy, the visit was arranged for students in Bachelor of Digital Enterprise Management (BDEM) who were in BAD3013 Systems Analysis and Design Class. The students were required to propose a detailed design for systems based on a real problem, as part of their assignment on this subject.

The visit provided a better understanding of the actual process in the practice and linked to what they have learned in class. Several postgraduate students from MBA, Ph.D. and DBA programmes also participated in this visit, which was coordinated by the TM R&D representatives namely Dr. Anuar, Ms. Marina and Mr. Amur Alang Murtadah, and the team members.