Recently, Pavit Coran, a student of the Faculty of Law and the world public speaking champion had been selected to judge the “Voice Out: Us and the Economy Public Speaking Competition” The event was held at Sunway University whereby the top 3 speakers across the competition presented their speeches on various topics pertaining to the economy from agriculture to inflation. 

After the Grand Finals, Pavit proceeded to give the participants constructive feedback on how the presentation could be improved, ranging from enhancing mannerisms, confidence, and substance. The competition aimed to enlighten young minds on the importance of financial literacy and how our individual roles play a big part in the sustainability of the economy. 

Pavit, despite being a law student, believes that there are various intersections between law and economics, making him highly interested in the topic itself. Pavit was the youngest panellist in the competition, as he attended the event alongside other young professionals from L’Oreal and Bank Negara amongst others.