Two External Examiners (EEs) for Bachelor of Marketing-Hons (BOM) and Bachelor of Management-Hons (BBM) were invited to visit the Faculty of Management (FOM) on 7 December 2022. The invited EEs were Associate Professor Dr. Elaine Chew (EE of BOM) and Associate Professor Dr. Alex Cheng (EE of BBM). The visit kicked off with a welcoming remark by Dr. Mohd Fairuz Bin Abd Rahim, the Dean of FOM, and was followed by programme briefing sessions by the programme coordinators. 

The EEs also were invited as speakers for a talk entitled ‘Innovative Learning Design for Student Success’. More than 100 students attended the talk and they gained so much knowledge from both of the external examiners to develop their innovative learning skills and attitude in the new learning environment with the help of digital technologies. After the talk, the EEs also interviewed the lecturers and students and moderated the programmes. The event ended with a closing remark given by Dr. Abdul Aziz Ahmad,  Deputy Dean of FOM, where both EEs provided constructive feedback for each of the programmes during the exit meeting.