On 12 December 2022, a group of students from Faculty Engineering and Technology (FET) attended the Petronas Series Talk ‘Pipeline of the Future’.  Organised by Industrial Linkage Community (ILC) of the faculty, the sharing session was conducted by Mr Ahmad Sirwan Mat Tuselim, Custodian (Pipeline Integrity) Petronas, Ms. Aisyah Ahmad, Staff (Pipeline Integrity) Petronas and Ts. Khairol Hazman bin Abdul Karim, Staff (Pipeline Integrity) of Petronas.

The real challenge in pipeline systems can be divided into automation and robotics, sensors, data analytics, advanced materials, corrosion, free span, and geotechnical hazards. During the session, the speakers explained the benefit of using machine learning technologies that are integrated into Pipeline Management Systems

Predictive analytics tools were developed using machine learning and the tools have assisted pipeline operators to perform the early intervention in possible pipeline failure due to pipeline threats. The talk session shows the students the importance of machine learning tools in the ‘Pipeline of the Future’ for the Oil and Gas Industry.