A group of five students Azzahra Saskia Aini, Muhammad Afif Mohd Fathullah, Nur Izzati Salleh, Tock You Bin, and Woo Kah Yiin from the Faculty of Management (FOM) majoring in Bachelor of Enterprise Management System (Hons) represented Multimedia University (MMU) in an International ERPsim Student Competition on 28th October 2022. Coached by Ts. Dr. Anusuyah A/P Subbarao, they were the only team from Malaysia competing against countries around Asia and Oceania, including Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Australia.

Initiated by SAP University Alliances in collaboration with SAP ACC Melbourne at the University of Melbourne, the competition encourages the students to manage their virtual company and generate the highest net income using a flight SAP S/4HANA simulator. During the program, participants also had the opportunity to engage and interact with ERP professionals worldwide, enhancing their problem-solving, analytical, and decision-making abilities.


Well done!