In an effort to engage and strengthen a good relationship with industry partners, Career Connect received a visit from Operion Sdn Bhd on 28th October 2022. Dr. Ong Jeen Wei, Director of Alumni Engagement Career and Entrepreneurship (ACE) welcomed Mr. Lukas J. Tan, Chief Executive Officer of Operion Sdn Bhd and Ms. Lynn Ho (Relationship Success Manager) to Cyberjaya campus. The visit was also participated by the representatives from the Faculty of Computing and Informatics (FCI), Prof. Ts. Dr. Ting Choo Yee and Ts. Dr. Goh Hui Ngo. 

During the visit, the guests had a discussion about the potential collaboration on the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Interview research project (hiring portal), which involves IT expertise including gesture analysis, speech analysis, data analysis, and many more related projects. It is hoped that this visit will initiate more collaborative efforts and projects between the university and its partners. Also attending the visit were Mr. Albert Quek, Deputy Director of ACE and Mr. Faizal Jewari.