Madam Mastura Abdul Rahman, a senior lecturer from the Faculty of Creative Multimedia (FCM) was invited to exhibit her artwork, ‘Pesan Ibu’ in Galeri Prima Showcase, recently. The showcase featured more than 40 batik pieces by Raja Permaisuri Agong Tunku Azizah Aminah Maimunah Iskandariah alongside works of art by established and emerging artists in an exhibition called SYNTHESIS at Balai Berita in Bangsar. Galeri Prima is the first private art gallery, where Tunku Azizah has consented to display her exclusive works. The launching event was also attended by Prof. Dato’ Dr. Mazliham Mohd Su’ud, President of MMU.

The painting, ‘Pesan Ibu’ is inspired by her conversations with her mother which were full of advice and insights about living up life as a Malay/Muslim woman. It was painted in 2016. As she remembers, her mother would always take to the immediate surroundings (plants/trees and poultry) for references when conversing with her. She remembers fondly as the mother relates how useful is a big sturdy tree – giving shelter to birds, from rains as well as the hot sun and seasonably bearing fruits to be enjoyed by people. 

Even dead trees are useful as firewood (in past traditional life). Ducks, for example, do know when the proper time for them is to be ‘home’, i.e., before dusk. And the rooster would never miss crowing every early morning. Oftentimes, when Puan Mastura saw big trees and poultry, she would be missing the conversations with her mother. She decided to paint the trees and group them in a large painting as a reminiscence of the mother- daughter conversations. The painting was also duly done with references to the Malay traditional art of Batik and Songket.

Congratulations, Madam Mastura!