The Faculty of Applied Communication (FAC) invited Professor Jörg Matthes from the University of Vienna as a guest speaker for a public lecture and publication workshop for its faculty members on 11th and 12th October 2022 respectively. Professor Jörg Matthes is attached to the Department of Communication as a Professor in Communication Science. The events aimed to expose the faculty members as well as students in the field of environmental strategic communication and publication strategies.

The public lecture entitled ‘Environmental Strategic Communication: Between Sustainable Development and Greenwashing’ was attended by FAC students at the Faculty of Management (FOM) E-Theatre. The lecture was highly impactful as the students were able to gain new insights on the topic as well as to reflect on their courses. A discussion was also held between the speaker and the audience to understand more about sustainable development and greenwashing.

Professor Jörg Matthes also conducted a workshop on Publication Strategies, which both postgraduates and academic staff attended at the FOM Siri Lab. The workshop helped to assist participants who struggled with publishing papers or developing deeper knowledge in their research areas. Research and publication experiences were also shared during the event. The events also signify further collaboration with other institutions, especially from different countries, and to build stronger relationships.