In conjunction with the Digital Futures International Congress (DIFCON) 2022, two keynote speech sessions were held virtually under the co-located conference MMU Engineering Conference 2022 (MECON2022) on 26th -27th July 2022. Dr. Muhammad Reza from Telkom University, Indonesia delivered his keynote speech titled “Renewable Energy Integration to Power System for a Sustainable Future”, where more than 50 participants attended the session. In his speech, Dr. Reza shared his perspective on the fundamental of sustainable electric power engineering for human development and activity to optimise the use of energy, minimise pollution and reduce fossil fuel energy consumption. On top of that, Dr. Reza also emphasised the numerous environmental impacts associated with energy systems and their significance to living standards and economic development.

 Meanwhile, another keynote speech was delivered by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohamad Hanif Md Saad from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), where he shared his perspective and views on IR4.0 and Sustainable Engineering with more than 30 participants on 27th July 2022. Dr. Hanif elaborated on his overview of the fundamental focuses within the world of sustainable engineering i.e. food production and preservation, house and shelter, waste disposal and management, pollution reduction, water supplies, energy development and consumption, transportation, and restoring natural resources environments and improvement in industrial processes. In addition, he strongly believes that IR4.0 is a great enabler to sustainable engineering, especially in various areas including autonomous robots, cyber security, big data, augmented reality, cloud computing, additive manufacturing, simulation, IoT, and system integration.