Two alumni namely Naved Prasad, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)/ Chief Technology Officer (CTO), and Justin Wong, Chief Operating Officer of RedSquare Technologies Sdn Bhd have embarked on a joint venture (JV) with Netccentric LTD in an effort to launch web 3.0 creator platform. The collaboration also enables the progressive emergence of NFT Technologies Sdn Bhd (NFT Tech), which sets Netccentric at the forefront of the Web 3.0 revolution. 

Naven Prasad graduated with a Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons.) (Artificial Intelligence) from the Faculty of Information Science and Technology (FIST)  in 2019, while Justin graduated with a Bachelor of Accounting from the Faculty of Management in 2020. Naven and Justin were part of Entrepreneurship Development Centre (EDC) MMU StartUp teams namely Guyde (2017) and Sprintla (2016) respectively. We at MMU are very proud of your milestone in continuing to be the trendsetter in the industry. 

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