MMU students gained real-world business through NESCAFÉ Youth Entrepreneurship Program (NYEP). It is a program under Nestlé that focuses on exposing university students to real-world business experience, with emphasis on the key areas of sales, marketing and management. NYEP provides a great platform for entrepreneurship training and offers an experiential learning experience to MMU students by running a fully-equipped mobile NESCAFÉ hub at both Cyberjaya and Melaka campuses. Under the NYEP, students will also generate additional income through the NESCAFÉ hub.

With support from Nestlé, the NESCAFÉ hub is fully run and managed by the students including managing the business operations, marketing and sales strategies. Before operating, the students were required to undergo the program briefing, SOP Training, Recipe Training and Halal and Food Handling Training. Working in a team consisting of Team Lead, Financial Controller, Marketing Planner, Logistics Planner and Operations Planner, the students are also assisted by the Entrepreneurship Development Centre (EDC).

This program also thrived the students to compete in a positive way as they will be part of the NYEP Challenge competing for the Highest Reach and Awareness (based on cups sold), Most Creative in Promotions and Marketing and Highest Score for SOP Adherence & Sustainability Efforts (Eco-Brick). The NESCAFÉ hub located at CLC (Melaka & Cyberjaya) will be operating from 8 am to 7 pm from Monday to Saturday in Melaka and 10 am to 9 pm (Mon – Friday) / 10 am to 12 midnight (Saturday) in Cyberjaya. Come and support the students and purchase your coffee from the students.