MMU through its Faculty of Creative Multimedia (FCM) and Faculty of Applied Communication (FAC) hosted a two-week mobility programme from 15th May until 28th May 2022. The virtual programme was also supported by Telkom University, Indonesia, which was attended by 137 international and local participants from ten universities and higher learning institutions around Asia, such as Pakistan, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Cambodia.

With its theme, “Media Communication Trends and Techniques”, the participants were exposed to the concepts, techniques, and fundamental competencies in creating media communication content. On top of that, the participants also learned to develop transversal skills including communication, critical thinking, problem-solving, and intercultural abilities. The programme also helped them to build digital and sustainable skills to address current and future challenges. The participants worked in groups for the comprehensive implementation of collaboration and integration. Moreover, organized discussion sessions with peers allowed participants to interact, reflect, and gain a new perspective.

The participants were introduced to approaches to media communication practices such as social media tactics and trends and online promotional communication during the first week led by FAC trainers. By conducting situational analysis and developing a pitch presentation, the participants gained new insights into the effective methods incorporating techniques used by marketers to urge customers to think analytically and creatively. Similarly, participants also learned about audio-based social networking as live streaming has proven to be the most popular social media trend. The training also equipped the participants with the art of storytelling, repurposing content, tagging, and hash-tagging.

The second week of the program sought to build on the fundamentals learned in the first week of training by introducing the participants to basic skills used in media production. The workshops, conducted by trainers from FCM gave the participants the opportunity to learn fundamentals and techniques to prepare social media advertising for both still and video as well as exposing them to web development tools and approaches to UI/UX design. The participants also learned to work collaboratively to design a logo for their group’s branding direction and create storyboards to enhance their visual narrative communication. All in all, the participants were highly motivated, devoted, and passionate about internalising the value of learning life skills throughout the two weeks.

Well done!