On 24th September 2021, more than 60 students from the Faculty of Business (FOB) attended a virtual talk by Dr. Darian Low, the Managing Director Franchisee of Subway and also the Board Member of Subway Malaysia FAF Advisory (Advisory role for Subway Malaysia’s marketing strategy). Subway is a privately-held American fast-food restaurant franchise that primarily sells healthy sandwiches across the world.

The speaker shared his working experiences related to international franchising, the trade regulations, the challenges and risks as well as tips to apply international franchise during the session. Currently, Dr. Darian owns 5 Subways outlets in Melaka and he also explained how he started his business with limited capital and tips to be an entrepreneur. The students also engaged with the speakers and answered several quizzes prepared by the speaker. The two-hour session was very beneficial as the students were exposed to real-life case studies and interacted with an industrial expert confidently.