More than 60 Diploma in Accounting students from the Faculty of Business (FOB) attended the BASF-MMU Talent Summit Webinar, recently. The webinar was initiated and led by an MMU alumnus, Mr. Ryan Gan (Permata Dunia of 2002) from the BASF Asia-Pacific Service Center, Kuala Lumpur. The webinar aimed at providing guidance to the current students in their endeavour for better employment and utilising the experience of the alumni for their benefit and progress.

Among other alumni speakers were Ms. Siew Ngooi Soon, Ms. Yi Wen Tan, Ms. Melanie Yeap, Ms. Debbie Yap, Mr. Zephaniah Lim and Mr. Sangkaran Sivanatham. During the webinar, the speakers shared a virtual preview of BASF office at Menara TM, MMU alumni who are attached to BASF, reasons on employers are interested to hire MMU graduates, quick intro about BASF, Global Business Services (formerly known as Shared Services), and also working with BASF. The speakers also talked about Industry 4.0, technology advancements and requirements in the business world as well as business and career tips. The session ended with a 20-year time-capsule moment and wrap-ups, where the participants were requested to email their expected achievements in the next 20 years to the team.