Student Affairs Division (STAD) through its Sports Unit in collaboration with Melaka United Soccer Association (MUSA) organised a Sports Webinar on 11th September 2021. A total of 150 participants followed the session via MMU Facebook live. Mr. Freddy Affendi, Head of Branch Coaching Department of National Coaching Academy, and Mr. Nor Ikhmar Madarsa, a fitness coach were invited as the speakers for the webinar, which was moderated by Mr. Mohd Zulfadili Hamzah, STAD officer.

The speakers enlightened the audience on the basic fitness and warm-up protocol, where these two elements are very vital to prevent any sports injury. On top of that, the participants were also exposed to the management of athlete fitness programme during this challenging situation. The speakers also shared some new knowledge on fitness and tips to maintain the fitness level when staying at home.