A total of 108 papers were presented in three parallel sessions during the 2nd Conference on Managing Digital Industry, Technology and Entrepreneurship (CoMDITE). This virtual conference was held successfully from 7th April until 8th April 2021 and it was a joint effort between the Faculty of Management (FOM) and School of Economic and Business, Telkom University, Indonesia. CoMDITE 2021 was led by Dr. Hasni Mohd Hanafi, the Chairman for Centre of Business Excellence (CoBE).

The event received warm participation, whereby majority of the participants were from Malaysia and Indonesia. The conference was also attended by participants from the United Kingdom (UK) and India. The event also featured keynote speeches on digital economy by Dr Sumitra Nair from Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), Professor Nuran Acur (University of Glasgow, United Kingdom) and Dr Maya Arianti (Telkom University, Indonesia).

During the conference, the presenters presented cutting-edge findings and exchanged insightful perspectives with the panel discussants. They also received constructive feedback to improve their research. The event also highlighted the publication of selected papers in SCOPUS and Mycite journals. On top of that, 7 staff from MMU and 4 staff from Telkom University were conferred with the Best Presenters Award during the two-day event.

Well done!