Throughout March 2021, MMU hosted three MMU 3H- Series Webinar, aptly called The Ninja’s Series of DIY Workshop. This series was made with much love for primary and secondary schools students and teachers but parents are most welcome to join in the fun.

First day of the 3H Ninja Series was hosted by Ms. Putri Aneesa. The day was started by showing the process of photosynthesis by Mr Ku Ahmad Adzam Ku Saud. He explained step by step on how to do the process using easily obtainable items. The next part of the series was shared by Ts. Hanafizan Hussain on how to make a batik cake using a rice cooker. During the cooking session, she briefly explained on the component of a rice cooker. Mr. Mazlan Mahadzir ended the session by sharing on how to obtain 360 degree photographs using a smartphone and upload it into google street view.

The DIY Workshop on 13th March 2021 invited Dr. Zainudin Siran to do a demonstration on sketching using a pencil and a few markers. Madam Khairun Niza Mohd Radzi afterwards proceed with guiding viewers on creating a Pop-Ip Card. Lastly, Dr. Husinaidi Abdul Hamid provide a display of 3D pen art while briefly interprete the history behind it.

The final episode of the 3H Ninja Series DIY Workshop has Mr. Md. Najib bin Osman@Misran introduced to the learner the art of marker rendering. By referring to the image on his laptop, he demonstrates how to draw and color it using markers, layer by layer. Next, the webinar was graced by the presence of Ts. Natalya Rudina binti Shamsuar. The art and science of a normal everyday breakfast, hard-boiled egg was fully elaborated by Ts. Natalya, from the egg type and grade, to the changes of shape depending on the temperature. Finally, by using a Leap Motion sensor, Dr. Mohd Hafizuddin bin Mohd Yusof displayed a step by step process of creating an application for Interactive Generative Art with Hand Gesture.