On 30th January and 6th February 2021, MMU hosted two 3H-Series Webinars. The 3H series was designed with the intention to nurture and develop the traits needed to future proof the younger generation. The webinar titled Electricity + U provided the learner with introduction to electricity, how electricity is used in their home, and understanding the monthly electricity bill. While Lightning + U exposed the learners to the introduction of lightning, and the do’s & don’ts during thunderstorms.

Dr. Siow Chun Lim from the Faculty of Engineering started the Electricity + U webinar by asking the learners what they know about electricity. Afterwards. he briefly explained what electricity is, and the history behind it. The session was continued by Dr. Ngu Eng. She started her session by testing the viewers on their knowledge through Kahoot and elaborated on how electricity is transferred to the user’s home. Dr. Ngu further explained the usage of electricity in common household. Finally, Dr. Foo Yee Loo joined the webinar to teaches on understanding the monthly electricity bill.

For the Lightning + U webinar, Dr. Siow Chun Lim returned to share his knowledge with the viewers. He began by showing the video compilation of lightning strikes, and further explained on what lightning is. The session ended with a few advice from him on the do’s and don’ts during thunderstorm.

The sessions were hosted on MMU Facebook Live platform, and MMUMalaysiaTV youtube. A total of 1244 views were obtained for both sessions