Despite the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, MMU expert has continuously supporting the government initiatives through consistent advisory role and foresight move. Dr. Ridzwan Bakar, an academician from FOM, had successfully led high-level strategic planning 2021-2025 workshop for Jabatan Wakaf, Zakat and Haji, JAWHAR Prime Minister Office recently. The workshop was officiated by Senator Datuk Seri Mohamad Zulkifli AL Bakri, Minister at Prime Minister Department in Pantai Puteri Hotel Melaka. A three-day workshop had successfully consolidated 15 Quick Wins and 21 long term strategic outcomes for Baitulmal, Wakaf, and Zakat Malaysia.

On another occasion, Dr. Ridzwan conducted and participated in two workshops on Malaysia Islamic Accounting Standards (PPIBZW) which was held in PNB Perdana Suites Kuala Lumpur recently. The workshops aimed at formalising Islamic Accounting Standards specific for Baitulmal, Zakat and Wakaf (PPIBZW) Phase II. Once it is completed, the PPIBZW will be the first in the world providing details practical accounting standards in accordance to Syariah.