A total of 170 Diploma in Business Administration students from the Faculty of Business participated in a virtual industrial talk on 12 August 2020. The sharing session via Google Meet entitled “Your Personal and Professional Branding: An Employer’s Perspective”, was delivered by Mr. Wilking Lim, the Chief Advisor of McDonald Carter.

Mr. Wilking Lim shared his experiences and insights as an employer and recruiter, particularly in the aspect of how a candidate’s digital personal branding influence hiring decisions. The speaker shared essential aspects of developing a personal brand, which consists of differences between personal and professional branding, target audience, resume-writing, name features, profile pictures, first impression, and mistakes to avoid across various online platforms, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

Overall, the students gained significant knowledge and skills pertinent to personal branding that would help in designing their own online portfolios. This talk, thus, regarded as significant and an enhancement to their course DPB5014 Digital Personal Branding & Professionalism.