To support frontliners on duty, Dr.Mohd Rizal Abdul Razak ,Director of Melaka campus has initiated a joint project with MESRA called “MMU Prihatin Covid-19” starting from 21 March. A total of 40 volunteers involved in distributing the food items to Hospital Melaka and Hospital Serdang. Among the food items distributed are crackers, 3 in 1drinks, bread, energy booster and packet drinks.The frontliners also received meals for their breakfast, lunch and dinner. The volunteer team also made DIY face shield to aid frontliners to face Covid-19 pandemic.On top of that,  the organiser also extended the support to the underprivileged people by providing essential items such as rice, sugar and cooking oil. These efforts help the frontliners to focus on saving lives and people in need to survive in this challenging phase.